Importance of counselling in cancer care

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counselling for cancer care

Ancient Indian sciences mentions about different layers of life existence, mind being one of them. A calm, peaceful mind can effectively utilize the life force energy in disease healing. A counselling session which is a perfect blend of modern psychology and ancient Indian sciences can bring out a fresh new positive outlook towards one’s life.

A counselling session typically deal with intellect, emotions, misconceptions, practical problems and dealings, unanswered queries and fears. Only an intelligent and courageous and confident person can effectively work better on this disease. It strengthens an individual from within by addressing the inner root cause of issues.

It is quite normal to feel distressed with a diagnosis of cancer or living with it. However, it’s important to seek help when the distress is long lasting and affects ones routine life. A session of counselling can prove to be extremely helpful even if an individual’s level of distress is not severe.

The act of focusing on uncomfortable emotions or experiences in a non-judgmental space can enable the patient to see things more clearly and encourages positive changes in the patient which can lead him to gain control over his life.

The main aim of counselling is to empower the patients with the confidence to make their own choices and decision to explore ways to cope with their diagnosis, managing their emotional concerns and discuss ways to address and cope with any life style changes that might occur during the treatment process.

Key reasons why counselling is important

  • Counselling reduce the stress you face as a response to the cancer such as fear, anger, depression, anxiety and phobias about treatment, strong emotional reactions to changes of body developed by the disease, side effects of treatment, role changes within the family, financial strains related to  like job, mortgages and challenges in facing the society.
  • Counselling also deals with deeply personal issues such as spirituality, sexuality, relationships stirred up in connection with cancer.
  • It helps you to bring out an effective deal between your choice and your friends or family choice in dealing the things. counselling is confidential, you can be honest about what is bothering you and ultimately get free from all types of stress
  • A counselor can help you to manage your mind throughout when the main focus of the doctors and the staffs are on treating and curing cancer.
  • Counselling help you to find different ways of coping that hadn’t occurred to you before.
  • Counselling plays a key role in integrating patients with their care providers as well as people with similar disease.

Our Counselors includes experts in modern psychology, yoga and traditional Ayurveda. A detailed psycho-therapeutic plan is made and patient is given sessions. At follow ups, patient is re assessed periodically. Key components of Sri Sri Cancer Care counselling are compassion, non-judgmental understanding and Confidentiality.