CYTOTRON – A new breakthrough in cancer treatments

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Cancer is a malignant neoplastic disorder, which is a chronic disease resulting from various factors which can be genetic and influenced by our environmental factors. There are a number of therapies that aim at killing cancer affected cells during the process of cancer treatment, CYTOTRON is a new, gentle, safe, non-invasive hope for millions of cancer patients faced with death or the dreaded side effects of conventional treatments.

CYTOTRON is a medical invention by Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, a Bengaluru based scientist who is chairman and Chief Scientific Officer at Center of Advanced Research and Development (CARD), a research wing under the Organization de Scalene Foundation. It is a non-invasive whole-body therapeutic device that is a breakthrough in tissue engineering. It is based on Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR) which utilizes highly complex electromagnetic waves in the radio frequency spectrum controlled by a Central Processing System and guided by MRI PDS data.

How is CYTOTRON different from other therapies?

The Breakthrough CYTOTRON Therapy can non-invasively re-engineer the body’s cancer suppression mechanism to stop cancer growth and spreading. The main concern of the therapy is not the immediate destruction of the cancer cells, but rather with the help of the small amount of energy provided to the cell to stop the DNA’s uncontrolled mitosis and in time through apoptosis mechanism let the body get rid of the cancerous cells in a controlled fashion.

The Cytotron is programmed to affect only target tissues (proton dense tumours) non-invasively, sparing surrounding normal tissues. This is in contradistinction with conventional ionizing radiotherapy, which explains the absence of any adverse effects like radiation sickness, radiation-induced necrosis, normal tissue scarring, etc during Cytotron treatment. Other typical treatment consequences like systemic chemotherapy-induced myelosuppression, loss of appetite and related weight loss, etc are also not experienced during or after the Cytotron therapy.

Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar Says, “Moving away from ‘destroying, killing or obliterating cancer tissues’ to a method of communicating with the cellular command and control, Cytotron stops it from growing and spreading to other parts of the body. It helps in driving the cancer cells into old age, push them into accelerated ageing, and finally, apoptosis (programmed cell death). Once this stage is achieved, the body’s immune system takes over time and the cancer cells are recycled. This is the philosophy of Cytotron.”

Key advantages of CYTOTRON therapy:

  • Painless, with no side effects and no toxicity.
  • Significant improvement in quality of life.
  • Significant extension in life expectancy.
  • Improves appetite and weight gain.
  • Aids in arresting tumour progression.
  • Also suitable for surgery unfit patients.
  • Cost-effective treatment.

CYTOTRON Certifications and recognitions

CYTOTRON is manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 standards and it has obtained CE Certificate marking European Conformity for safety, public health and consumer protection and has qualified for CMDCAS, Canada’s Health regulatory requirements making it acceptable in Europe and Canada for tissue regeneration and degeneration. CYTOTRON machine is also designated as ‘Breakthrough in cancer care’ tag by USFDA.

CYTOTRON therapy in Sri Sri Cancer Care

At Sri Sri Cancer Care department in Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital, during and after Cytotron therapy, emphasis will be holistic; on emotional, functional and psycho-social well-being of cancer-affected individuals. Our experienced panel of doctors, diet and nutrition experts and a team of other supportive care specialists will work together with the patient and their family members to derive more benefits impacted positively by the Cytotron treatment, Ayurveda and other natural forms of healing therapies, in order to improve QoL and overall physical well-being of the patient.

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