counselling for cancer care

Importance of counselling in cancer care

A counselling session typically deal with intellect, emotions, misconceptions, practical problems and dealings, unanswered queries and fears. Only an intelligent and courageous and confident person can effectively work better on this disease. It strengthens an individual from within by addressing the inner root cause of issues.

cranio sacral therapy sri sri cancer care

Cranio Sacral Therapy for cancer treatment

Cranio Sacral Therapy is a profound, non-invasive, healing process that works through gentle touch to release stress, disturbance, injury and deep-seated trauma. It is known to benefit an entire range of problems, from minor aches and pains to various severe chronic conditions.

shakthi drops

What is Shakthi Drops? How can it help in treating cancer?

Shakthi Drops, an ayurvedic poly-herbal formulation is an effective propitiatory medicine of Sri Sri Tattva for immuno modulator activity. It is a pure water extract of eight herbs which are one hundred percent organic certified.

sri sri cancer care

What can help patients go through cancer?

Cancer is a disease severely impacting the mind, body, and spirit. A proactive and positive spirit will help the cancer affected individuals fight the disease like a warrior be a cancer survivor.

sri sri cancer care breast cancer

Sudarshan Kriya and Breast Cancer

The objective of this study is to examine the effect of a cognitive, behavioral stress management module of Sudarshan Kriya (SK) and Pranayam on levels of serum cortisol and pain among the women suffering from advanced stage breast cancer.